Saturday, July 30, 2016


I am so confused. I would like to believe that most Americans have been raised with basic morals and values. If we look at America like it's a family I wonder if things would be different. Let's say you're having a neighborhood barbecue. The music is playing, the burgers and hotdogs are smelling good on the grill, kids are playing in the sprinklers, you're all talking about remember-when stories and having a good time. Then, all of a sudden, someone starts spewing hatred about the man down the street who is from a different country or speaks a different language or practices a different religion. This person starts telling all of you how unsafe you are and encourages you to carry a gun. This person starts telling you your pregnant wife is an inconvenience and mimics you're disabled brother. As you are all standing around completely baffled and stunned by the words that are coming out of this person's mouth, the doorbell rings. This person goes to answer the door. The person on the other side of the door is your longtime family friend who happens to be Muslim. This person says very loudly, "You are not welcome here."
Later on, after the mood from earlier in the day has completely changed to a dark and almost angry atmosphere, this person who has been monopolizing the whole conversation with racist, fear mongering, homophobic, discriminatory-on-every-level rhetoric, slams his fist down on the picnic table and says, "Hey, my friends don't worry. I can fix everything for you. You don't have to help, I don't need your help. My way is the only way to make your neighborhood and life better. If you let me take over and control everything in your life, you will be rich just like me, you will be safe. I will kill everyone who comes to hurt you. Don't you know I'm the smartest man who has ever lived? Don't you know that I have every answer to any question that has ever been asked?" By this time, some of your friends and neighbors have gone. This person continues to tout his superiority and belittle and demean everything and everyone that you've always held in the highest regard and importance.  At this point, you're beginning to question everything and everyone that you have believed in your entire life. The house is quiet, the music has been turned off, there are flies landing on the potato salad, the children's laughter and wet swimsuited bodies are gone, and you find yourself standing alone with this person in your home.  I ask you, why did you invite him to your barbecue in the first place,  why did you let him stay so long when he was so blatantly disrespectful and offensive and, finally, are you going to invite him to stay the night or are you going to kick him out?  Come on America, we are so much better than this. 

Politics completely aside, if you wouldn't stand for the language and behavior and complete disrespect for anyone but himself from your child or your children's friends, why in the world would you think this type of personality is the answer to all the serious things happening in the world today? Do you want to be in a position, as a parent, to tell your children to respect this man? I wonder what reasons you would give them if they asked you, "Why should I respect him? He is everything you're not.  He is the type of person you've always told me not to be.  He lies. He makes fun of people. He interrupts people.  He calls people names. He yells.  He doesn't like people who are different than him. He disrespects people who have fought for our country. He has called President Obama bad names and has blamed him for everything wrong in the world.  He hasn't paid people who have worked for him. He is happy when he fires people. He doesn't admit it when he has said something that is not true.  He scares me.  He's a bully.  So, tell me again, why should I respect him?"

I am feeling so completely blessed that I was raised in a family by parents who taught me morals and values, who taught me to respect everyone, that everyone has a right to the same happiness and that we are all the same on the inside.  I've been taught to work hard and contribute to society in a positive way.  I've been taught to help others if they need help. I've been taught not to name call or make fun of people.  I've been taught not to curse because when you curse people hear your words but not what you're saying.  I've been taught to obey the laws and respect the police.  I've been encouraged to work to change something if I didn't feel it was right. I've been taught to believe in God and that there is good inside all people.  I've been taught to not follow the crowd just because everyone else was.  I've been taught to make my own decisions, to respect myself, to stand up for myself and also for those who can't stand up for themselves. 

There are things that I am extremely passionate about and things that I have no opinion about.  I'm a common sense type of person.  Common sense tells me that a man who has obvious problems with any person who is not like him is not someone I would welcome into my home. Common sense tells me that if a man is inconsistent with his words and constantly has to explain what he may or may not have meant, he is not to be trusted. Common sense tells me that if a man cannot have an intelligent conversation with a news reporter, he will not be able to discuss important issues with foreign leaders. Common sense tells me that a man who has his products manufactured in many different countries, is not going to bring jobs back to the United States.  Common sense tells me that a man who claims to support our veterans and yet disrespects their commanders, he is not going to be a competent commander and chief.  Common sense tells me that if a man believes it is okay to ridicule a woman because of her size, appearance or hair style, he is not going to look out for women's best interests.  Common sense tells me that if a man controls who is allowed to ask questions at a press conference, he is not going to listen to someone who disagrees with him or wants to ask a question he doesn't want to answer.  Common sense tells me if a man stoops to name-calling whenever someone points out his faults or inadequacies, he will not be able to accept constructive advice from those who know better.  Common sense tells me if a man that claims that he is the cure and has all the solutions to what ails this country, he is lying.  Common sense tells me that a man who says he speaks for me and understands my struggles while sitting in a golden chair in a skyscraper, really has no idea who I am. 

I'll close now by saying trump does not speak for me, does not understand me, does not reflect my beliefs and fears, does not have my best interests in mind, does not have my friends' best interests in mind, does not have my enemies' best interests in mind, and does not have America's best interests in mind. 
No, trump represents everything I am not, everything America is not. 

In my opinion


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back In The Paint

So, I'm back at it. These are my latest creation. Another pair of shoes for Christopher.

It's been a long time since I've written and am determined to get back at it. I appreciate all the prompting from friends. This past year has been a trying one. Too many changes at work, but things are looking up with my now having a part-time job that I truly love. I am reviewing medical reports by medical transcription students. Feels great to be contributing to their education in a positive way. The boys are doing good as are the rest of the family. The granddaughters are growing and as beautiful as ever.

So, where has my mind been lately? I'm excited that my site has had quite a few "hits" over the last year. To me it says people are searching for "be kinder, being kinder, kindness, etc." Wonderful. We see "Be Kind" everywhere and people are talking about being kind and ways to be kind. Every time I hear something like that, again, I am convinced a little more that my mission is a needed one.

I think that we are all inherently kind souls. However....I challenge us all to take it a step further and BE KINDER. We need to seize each opportunity, to teach our children...and even our adults, as it presents to us. Whether it be over-hearing someone speaking negatively to another in a grocery store line or parking lot, if we hear it we need to acknowledge it. Whether it be seeing someone being mean to another in a school or home, we need to acknowledge it. We need to bring the "unkindness" to the fore-front. We need to point it out. We need to raise a red flag. We need to be loud in our voices that we will not accept unkind things within our space.

I'm still passing out my BE KINDER wrist bands and have a story to go with each one. One of my favorites has to do with the kids in my neighborhood. Over the past few years, I've given out quite a few to them, so much so that usually once a month or so one of them will knock on the door asking for another one. In the summer, they wear them on their ankles. One afternoon last summer, I could hear a hammering sound out in the greenbelt next to my home. I looked out, only to find a few boys with a baseball bat pounding on a tree. I put on my shoes and started to walk across the greenbelt. They saw me coming. I could almost hear them sigh as in "uh-oh". When I got there, one of the boys that has gotten quite a few wrist bands from me said, "Hi. I know what you're gonna say." I smiled at him and said, "You do?" He sort of hung his head down and said, "Be kind to the trees. Right?" I still giggle as I think of it. Needless to say, he was right and we all had an enlightening conversation that ended with them following me home for more wrist bands.

My point is, that was an opportunity for me to share with children about the idea of kindness, being kind....being kinder.

Too often, we miss those moments...or fail to recognize them...or simply decide to not get involved.

Consider the consequences of not doing anything when we see unkindness. I mean really, consider the consequences of not doing anything when we see unkindness.............a dead tree, a scared animal, a broken spirit, a suicidal teenager, a depressed spouse, an abused child, an abused adult.....the list goes on and on and on.

Everyday we are faced with opportunities where we can make a kinder difference. It is up to you whether or not you choose to seize it.

Choose to BE KINDER.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hi Again

Thought it would be easier to check in here rather than answer all the emails from you. Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers. All is good now and I am on the mend. For those of you who don't know what's been going on. Briefly, I had been losing a lot of weight, went for a colonoscopy and there was a mass in my sigmoid colon. Needless to say, we were all concerned for cancer. A week later (about 3 weeks ago) I was in the hospital and had a colon resection. Apparently my colon had wrapped around my left ovary so it too was removed. The final pathology came back and it was NOT cancer but rather diverticulosis. I will find out more details Tuesday when I see the surgeon again. I was in the hospital from Friday until Tuesday, went home, and Friday went back in with pain and blockage. Lots of fluids, antibiotics, etc., and went home for good on Sunday. Mom and Dad were, are still in town and were so amazing. Janet coincidentally was planned for a visit so she was here too. She and Mom took turns sleeping on the pull-out couch in the hospital. David and his family were also in town for a visit. Funny how divine timing works. I'm recovering well and now and on a mission to gain weight. Fun huh?

So my beautiful granddaughter Faye turned one in March. That's her picture above. Tayo is hoping to make a trip down here the end of this month with both girls. I can't wait. We Skype and talk on the phone and they just make my heart giggle.

Christopher is still in Portland, not liking the rain but enjoying his 2 jobs and the experience. I miss not having him pop in but he's good about keeping in touch.

Well, that's about it. I'm going to try to be more reliable about blogging.

I hope you are all well and counting your blessings every day.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Still Here

Thanks to all of you who have been wondering where I've been. I'm good. Just super, super busy with changes at work and life. Mom and Dad are here....finally. But Christopher moved to Portland. He's doing great, but I sure miss the "stop-ins". I'll be back in the swing of it soon. Again, thanks again. Nice to know I've been missed.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Teach Our Children Christmas Kindness.

And so the Christmas rush begins. As I watch people being shoved, trampled on and even pepper sprayed, it makes me sort of sad. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten the meaning of Christmas. Now it's all about getting the biggest, brightest, most expensive gifts. Parents going into huge debt. Grandparents with lots of grandkids stressing over "just the right thing". Funny thing is, we don't see kids stressed about what they are going to get for people, or in the mob-like frenzies at the malls. The gifts I remember the most are the ones that people have made for me, or the ones that are "just what I wanted". It is a good time of year to teach the children in our lives what Christmas truly means. It is a good time to teach them that they don't always get everything they want. It is a good time to teach them about being financially responsible. It is a good time to teach about caring and doing for those of us who don't have the means to get the latest craze items. We should take some of the money that we would be spending on our own and take our children shopping for other children. Pick a name off a Christmas tree in a mall and put your money where it will truly be appreciated, all the while teaching your child about kindness. That's about it for today.

Today is write BE KINDER on the top of your feet and walk in kindness day.

Monday, November 21, 2011


I've been gone for a while. Have you missed me? So many changes happening around me, I've felt in a whirlwind of emotions and haven't been able to get my brain organized. My cousin had her breast cancer surgery and all is well. She starts chemotherapy soon. My mom is in town...Finally. Christopher is making life-changing decisions...all good. Work is forever in evolution. Whew! Finding a hard time getting my footing. Anyway, just wanted to touch base and let those of you who have been wondering whether or not I am alive...that I am. Holding my blessings close.

Today is eat Taco Time day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can't Wait to See Mom

Whoohooo!  Mom gets back to Arizona tomorrow. I can't wait to start making more memories and having more fun. We always laugh and share. She keeps me busy. I am so blessed. That's all for today.

Today is dress in crazy clothes and go for a walk day.